The Spirit Word Channel

The Spirit Word TV Channel has its own production house with a full audio and TV studio and graphic studio and 20+ editing suites producing 80% of material being broadcasted on the channel which is in line to go on the DSTV platform.

“In 1980 I had the privilege of being with the late Dr. Lester Sumrall for eight days and during this time joined him on different TV broadcasts. It was there that I got the vision of having a Christian Channel and Station. Since then I’ve been proclaiming it and today it has come into fulfillment. I can just say “Thank you Jesus for such grace!”
– Prophet Kobus van Rensburg

At present, we have contracts for 3 satellite footprints namely:

INTELSAT 7 Ku Band – South African Coverage
INTELSAT 10 Ku Band – African Coverage
INTELSAT 10 C-Band – Global Distribution feed from out satellite up-link antenna.

Web Streaming

These meetings are broadcasted live on the Spirit Word Channel and are also on web streaming. To watch the Spirit Word Channel online, click on the following

To Broadcast contact:

Tel: +27 18�484 6940 ext 118
Fax: +27 18�649 4645

Advertising Slot Tariffs:

30 second advert slots ZAR 456-00 per flight.
Advertising slots are sold in a minimum batch of 10 flights

The vision of the Spirit Word Channel is to present to the body of Christ and the world, through the media of television and any other electronic media available, the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of God.

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


The Spirit Word Satellite Dish

Spirit Word
 has its very own Final Control Centre located right in the heart of South Africa.
Now, dreams and prophecies have come into fulfillment as the new Satellite Up-link Antenna and Equipment have been installed to form a small �Satellite Earth Station�.

From here the signal is being aired directly to satellite on the INTELSAT 10 C-Band platform running at 68.5 degrees east. This platform has one of the largest coverage footprints over the earth�s globe which allows wide signal distribution for the existing and other �potential� signal distributors.

This signal is then linked to the following feeds:

    • INTELSAT 10 Ku-band, which covers the continent of Africa and small portions of Europe for DTH viewing.
    • Then the HotBird Ku-band platform that reaches all of Europe, United Kingdom and the middle east for DTH viewing…
  • Finally, the signal is also linked to the internet for live streaming…

The Satellite Up-link equipment, fully redundant, includes double Encoders and modulators with a 1+1 redundancy switch for virtually seamless switch-over when equipment needs maintenance. Double transceivers with an automatic redundancy switch have been connected to transmit the modulated signal. Underground cables connect the equipment from the server room to the equipment on the outside. Here the foundation has been re-enforced with a �½ a ton� of steel and concrete to make up a 20 ton foundation for the new 4.7m Prime Focus Antenna.

This secures the antenna to handle various weather conditions and wind speeds of over 100Km/h.

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