Grace & Glory Conference: 15th -17th September

Multitudes of people arrive, from all over South Africa and the rest of the world, to attend our two main conferences, which have been held in February and September since 1996. People hunger for a greater revelation of the Word, and this is a time to be taught, through the Word and practical demonstration, how to move in the realm of the supernatural and operate with authority in the Kingdom of God. Prophet Kobus has been anointed by God as a leader to leaders, and because of his dedication to the Word of God, God has honoured him and continues to do so.

Come to these conferences for an impartation of Faith by the Spirit of Almighty God through our anointed speakers!

You can now register online, and through your registration, we are able to ensure that there will definitely be seating available for you in the church, and that an afternoon meal will be prepared for you.



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