Urgent Notice!

As of 30 September 2014, the Spirit Word Channel will no longer be available on the Sentech platform.

If you have a Spirit Word Decoder please rescan your decoder.

If you have a MultiChoice Decoder please rescan your decoder with the MultiChoice settings below.

Realign Your Dish!

If you applied all the changes below and still cannot connect, please realign your dish!

MultiChoice Decoder Tuning InstructionsMultiChoice – Tuning Instructions
These instructions can be used with most DSTV decoder models excluding HD PVR models.

  1. Go to [Menu] -> [Advanced Options] -> [Dish Installation] (Pin = 9949)
  2. Change [Network 2] to [IS20] (or [IS7]) and press [OK] Enter the following VIEWSAT settings:
    Frequency: 12602, Symbol Rate: 26657, FEC: 2/3, Polarization: Vertical, Use NIT: Yes
  3. Select [Accept all displayed values and leave screen] and press [OK]
  4. Now select [Scan all networks] and press [OK]

After the scan, press the [TV] button on your remote, select [Public IS20] (or [Public IS7] on older versions) and press [OK]. Look for a channel named “SWC”… To return to the normal DSTV Channels, simply press the [TV] button on your remote and select [DSTV]…

Spirit Word SuperMax Decoder Tuning InstructionsSUPERMAX – Tuning Instructions

The Spirit Word decoder has an “Auto Scan” feature that can search for any new available channels.


  1. Press the [Scan] button on your remote control
  2. Go down to [Search], press the left arrow button to set it to [FREE] and press [OK]

The scan may take between 2-5 minutes. After the scan, look for a channel named “SWC”.

Spirit Word AF-2400N Decoder Tuning InstructionsAF-2400N – Tuning Instructions
On the older Spirit Word decoders it is recommended to perform a manual search.


  1. Go to [Menu] -> [Manual Search] and press [OK].
  2. Go down to [Frequency] and press your left arrow key until the frequency [12682] appears.
  3. Set [Network Search] to [YES]
  4. Now go to [Search Start] and press [OK].
  5. Now press [OK] to close the [Search Success] dialog and press [Exit] to close the menu.

Look for Spirit Word under the channel named “SWC”…

Grace and Peace.

The Spirit Word Team

If you still need assistance, please contact Danie on +27 (0) 18 484 8145

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