Drive-in Kings


Drive-in Kings was formed when the love of worship music exploded at Spirit Word Ministries. The band is not only regularly playing in Spirit Word Youth but also full-time in Church as part of the Worship team.
Five (5) Anointed, Vibrant, Young and Zealous members of the band are passionate about music and they know just how to express it.

The energy and flexibility of the band is evident because they do not have boundaries when it comes to music genres, they play soft rock, contemporary and Hip hop.

They have shared the stage with a well known Christian band named One Crown and had the opportunity to be the opening act for Sons of Life. They also have been featured in a live recording with Heidi Joubert the talented Cajonist .

After performing “Awakening” Live early in 2014. This was the beginning of greatness as they received a great demand to release an official EP in October 2014 titled Awakening; of the EP, songs such as “Come Away and Awakening” have become a sudden hit.


Tumelo: (Bass Guitarist) promises that not only will the sound be new and fresh but we will also dance in the presence of the Lord.

Charles: (Vocalist) poured out his heart by mentioning that he has found his foundation and inspiration for music in Church.

Jose: (Vocalist/Keyboardist) proclaimed that music has power to resonate with your emotions and thoughts, but receiving the giver of life, music has become his tool to connect you to Him.

Simon: (Vocalist/Keyboardist) says his mandate is to express the heart of God to His people through music. “If people don’t encounter God’s love when i leave the stage, then i’ve failed”

Lesedi: (Drummer) says that he would like to see their music break religious boundaries and age barriers as he desires that everyone hears and be touched.

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