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Our saviour Jesus Christ has commissioned us to go to all ends of the earth to preach the gospel, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and raise the dead. This is our conviction as a ministry and we have decided to take up the responsibility. Sick people are brought in every service and as much as we see a lot of sick people carried into our meetings, we also see the sick, crippled and oppressed truely set free by the power of God.

It is very evident that these people are healed by the love of God. The excitement that is in the house when miracles take place is just overwhelming. Like Kobus always says, “It is God’s grace that enables and qualifies us to perform miracles, signs and wonders, and all the Glory is given to the Almighty God. To understand what goes on in these services, one must experience it for themselves.


-Kobus van Rensburg

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