Thank you for taking interest in the Online Bible School! This brochure should answer any questions that you might have, but you are welcome to contact us should you have any further queries.

We trust that you are excited about what is happening at Spirit Word Ministries and we are glad that you are hungry for truth without compromise! This Word of the Kingdom of God must reach the entire earth, and we are the ministers to preach this Gospel! People want to hear the ‘Spirit Word’ – they want to hear what God is saying!

Since the Online Bible School was launched in July 2007, we have constantly been working on the curriculum to ensure that the material, transcribed from the sermons of Prophet Kobus, truly reflects what God is revealing to us in this time, and is made available to you in the most user-friendly way possible. This is exciting and we can’t praise God enough! We want you to be equipped for life and become a man or woman of God that is a doer of the Word – stirred in your heart because of the truth and awakened to action! It’s time for true revival!!

All Glory to God!

The Online Bible School Team

Annalise van Rensburg


To enrich and supply our students with greater understanding of God’s Word. We reach right to their doorstep, and while they work at their own pace, they allow the Word to come alive inside of them, which equips them for life!

Our desire is for the teachings to instill spiritual truths which will draw them closer in their hearts to Jesus, make them aware of who they are in Christ, and inspire them to live out experientially what has been worked in. These are the students who will apply what they learn and show themselves able ministers of the Spirit, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God! The whole earth shall be filled with His Glory!


You can study via the internet by simply downloading the free Software available from the Spirit Word website, installing it and registering yourself as a student.

This method is easy, quick and beneficial to you – you can read the Worksheets and watch the online video at the same time! You also write all of your Self Tests and submit your Assignments online.

You can be anywhere in the world, and as long as you have access to the internet, you can study online!

You need:

Internet Access (Essential):
A 56k dial-up modem or better is required. However, it may become too expensive to watch the online media available when charged per minute. An ADSL connection with a fixed monthly rate is recommended for stable and economical audio/video capabilities. Here are two options:

High Speed Internet ADSL or Broadband connection required. GPRS or dial-up-modem connection is sufficient.
All videos will be watched online. The estimated bandwidth needed is on average 1GB per Module. All videos will be watched on an encrypted DVD that will only play with the software provided. The estimated data usage to view text and write tests online would be approximately 6MB.
All worksheets and tests are studied and written online. Your assignments will be written in electronic format, using a Word Processor like Microsoft Word or Word pad, and uploaded online.
You would choose this option should you have sufficient bandwidth and connection speed OR do not mind purchasing extra bandwidth. You would choose this option should you have a slow connection such as GPRS or dial-up-modem OR do not wish to purchase extra bandwidth.

A Computer:
– PC – Windows (98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7) – XP/Win7 Recommended

– Internet Access + Email Address

– Internet Explorer 6 or Higher

– Windows Media Player 8 or Higher

– Video Resolution 1024 x 768 or Higher

– Sound Card

– Windows running on “English Language Pack”

Recommended Payment:
Credit Card (Master/Visa) – But we do allow Electronic Transfers

Bandwidth Usage:
Each video will stream between 50-100MB of data to your machine. This depends on video duration (30 or 60min). We recommend that you have at least a 50MB data-bundle up to 1GB p/month usage or uncapped internet. According to us you will be able to watch 10 videos with the recommended 1GB bundle.


We want the Bible School to be accessible to as many people as possible and therefore it is not essential that you have a matriculation. However, it is essential that you be completely fluent in English! We treat every student application individually and therefore we have the right to withdraw any applicants/students that we feel are not able to cope.


The study material consists of 24 Modules, divided into 2 Study Levels. A Module is made up of approximately 6-13 Worksheets, which have been transcribed from the teachings of Prophet Kobus and Pastor Annalise van Rensburg.


Module 01 – Revelation of Jesus Christ

Module 02 – Place of Prayer

Module 03 – Grace and Faith

Module 04 – Power from Within

Module 05 – Higher Thoughts

Module 06 – Conformed to His Image

Module 07 – Receiving the Word

Module 08 – Understanding the Kingdom & Bible Prophecy

Module 09 – Fresh Look At The Kingdom

Module 10 – Financially Blessed

Module 11 – Table of the Lord

Module 12 – Live and Not Die


Module 13 – Healing is For Now

Module 14 – Bible Prophecy

Module 15 – Manifesting His Presence

Module 16 – Thanksgiving

Module 17 – Free from Ungodly Spirits

Module 18 – The New Testament

Module 19 – His Name

Module 20 – Filled with the Spirit

Module 21 – Speak the Word

Module 22 – Love

Module 23 – Greater Life, Greater Works

Module 24 – Best!

The Modules are studied consecutively and each student receives an ‘Acknowledgement of Completion’ after each Module has been successfully completed.

A Module consists of:

  • Worksheets:

A Worksheet is a transcribed teaching of Prophet Kobus or Annalise van Rensburg. Each Worksheet is accompanied by an online video teaching of between 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Choosing either Option A or Option B will determine whether you view the online video using internet data or the encrypted DVD.

  • Self Tests:

A Self Test consists of four sections:

– Multiple Choice

– True/False

– Fill-in-words (Scriptures)

– Fill-in-words (Worksheet)

[Total: 60 Marks; Pass Mark: 50%]


  • Assignments:

Upon successful completion of a Module, a written Assignment has to be submitted. This is where you show your understanding of the Module as a whole through a written essay.
Assignments will be written in electronic format, using a Word Processor like Microsoft
Word, and uploaded online. Assignments should be limited in terms of file size and pictures will greatly influence the final document size so they should be kept at low resolutions if used at all.
A Self Test is written online after every Worksheet has been studied. The Self Test is immediately scored online, and once it has been passed, the student may proceed to the next Worksheet.

NOTE: All worksheets have to be studied in sequence and the next Worksheet will only be unlocked once the Self Test of the previous one has been passed.


Please be aware that the Spirit Word Online Bible School currently does not confer any recognized qualifications upon the students, such as Certificates, Diplomas or any other Higher Education Qualification i.e. we are not accredited with the South African Qualification Authorities.

Upon successful completion of a Module you receive an ‘Acknowledgement of Completion’, and once you have completed Word Study Level One and Two, you will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed by Prophet Kobus van Rensburg and Pastor Annalise van Rensburg.

The purpose of the Spirit Word Online Bible School is for self-enrichment, to further your own understanding of the Word and to spiritually equip you for ministry and you should view your participation in this light.

Congratulations on your decision to study with Spirit Word Online Bible School!

PLEASE NOTE: The software IS NOW COMPATIBLE with Windows 8. Please reinstall.

Download the Software:

  • Once it has been downloaded, access the Software program by clicking on the icon named Online Bible School on your desktop.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout and click on the ‘Watch Introduction Video‘. (Note that you have to be connected to the internet to view this video).
  • Click on <Menu> and scroll to <New Registration> and click on ‘Read the Terms and Conditions‘ and click on <I Accept>.
  • Complete the registration process, paying close attention to the *required information fields. Once you have completed all the necessary information, click on <Submit>.
  • Exit the program by clicking on <X>.
  • Re-access the program via the shortcut on your desktop, using the username and password that you created.
  • You will not be able to begin with Module One or view the online videos until you have completed payment of the Registration Fee of R300.00. Click on the Registration Payment Required <Go> button and complete payment online by Credit Card (You must be connected to the internet to complete payment online).
  • Once your online payment has been accepted you will be issued with an ‘Approved Key‘. Copy and paste this key into the <Access Key> field when re-entering the Software program.
  • NOTE: You will not be able to proceed with your studies and view any Worksheets until you have paid for Module One – R300.00
  • Repeat the same procedure as in Steps 7 and 8.
  • You may also pay by EFT or by Direct Deposit to our bank account and fax/email us the proof of payment, after which we will activate your account and fax/email the confirmation.
  • The once-off Registration Fee of R300.00 and the fee for Module One – R300.00 needs to be paid before you can begin any studying on the program.
  • If you have selected Option B as your preferred method of online study, you will need to pay for the first DVD by either Direct Deposit or EFT to our bank account. We are working on integrating this payment with our current Software and appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • Once you have made the payment for Option B, you need to fax/email the proof of payment so that we can mail the DVD by registered post



Option A:

Initial Registration: R300

Per Module: R300


Option B: 

Initial Registration: R300

Per Module: R300




For a comparison on the estimated cost of Options A and B click here.

  • Fees cannot be paid in advance as this is a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ course.
  • There will be no re-imbursement of fees for Modules not completed should you wish to discontinue your studies for any particular reason.
  • Fees will be reviewed annually and may, at the discretion of Spirit Word Online Bible School, be increased.





Encrypted DVD: R100

(Within RSA – inc. VAT and Postage and Packaging)

R200 (Outside RSA – inc. Postage and Packaging)

(Each DVD contains the online videos of 4 Modules. This means that after 4 Modules, you will need to purchase the next DVD.)[/box]

Banking Details:

Standard Bank of South Africa

Account Name: Spirit Word Bible College

Account Number: 030 723 043

Branch Code: 052 638

Swift Number: SBZAZAJJ[/box]

Contact Details:


Fax Number:           +27 (0) 86 646 7382

Tel Number:           +27 (0) 18 484 8155



  • How much time do I have to complete all the Modules?
    You set the pace! We encourage you to form a study timetable so that you can be diligent, but there is no set time given by us, and there are no penalty fees that need to be paid.
  • Can I copy Worksheets or video material from the Online Software?
    No, unfortunately this is prohibited because of the copyright.
  • Am I still able to access my account if I use a different computer from the one that I registered on?
    Yes, as long as you download the Software onto any computer that you are using, you are able to access your studies. Remember, the information is not stored on your computer, but on a server that we use.
  • Can I pay my fees for all the Modules at once?
    No, fees cannot be paid in advance as this is a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ course.
  • Do I receive a Student Card?
    No, as we are not accredited with any institution.
  • Why is Spirit Word Online Bible School not accredited with SAQA?
    The content requirements of the South African Qualification Framework currently do not correspond with the curriculum of Spirit Word Online Bible School. Should this change we would definitely investigate the advantages of accrediting our curriculum with the South African Qualification Authorities.
  • Does Spirit Word Online Bible School offer any ordination after completion of my studies?
    No, Spirit Word Ministries is not a denomination and does not ordain any ministers. We believe that the Holy Spirit calls and equips an individual for the ministry. Such an individual will be recognised and sent out by the local congregation in terms of Acts 13:1-4.
  • Can I stay at Spirit Word Ministries to complete my studies?
    No, this is a correspondent course and therefore you can study wherever you are. If you are between the ages of 16-24 and you interested in the Alive For Christ (AFC) Bible School, please contact the leaders at
  • Do we offer scholarships to any students?
    No, unfortunately we do not offer this.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at

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