About Us

Changing Lives

Our Vision
To see the promises of God fulfilled in our lives in this present time and to be leaders in the next generation in character in our speech and in business, to reach our community through the good news of Jesus Christ and to create new business ventures and fuel the creativity of our youth and to provide a safe environment for those in need of recovery. To be a home for the senior Generation and a launching pad for the next Generation. To express the Love of God in every way possible.

Senior Pastor
Petrus and Monique van Rensburg

Our Founders

Prophet Kobus van Rensburg Snr.

On 26th April, 1985 we resigned from the denomination and started Lofdal Ministries, which later became Spirit Word Ministries. In the year 2000, we started broadcasting and 4 years later we launched the Spirit Word Channel.
The vision keeps on expanding, all Praise and Glory to our King JESUS, who is THE CHRIST!

My Testimony

I was born 24th October, 1952, of a God-fearing mother, and loved the Lord Jesus from a young age, giving my life to God in an Evangelistic meeting on my 7th birthday.

Unfortunately, my High School days were spent in a hostel with the wrong friends,  and I drifted away from Jesus. By the age of 19, I was caught up with smoking, drinking, drugs and stealing.

In 1971 I joined the South African Air Force and was soon transferred to the Navy to study Electronic Engineering and also to do an officers course. I furthered my career at Atlas Aircraft Corporation.

Praise God! I met Jesus again, God never left me!

At age 24 I was back, surrendered to God, and within days was preaching on street corners and praying for the sick, God working through me with signs following.

At age 27 I went to a Pentecostal Bible School where I met my dear wife, Annalise. Newly married, we set off into the mission field and saw great miracles and salvations.

We pioneered a few churches before taking the pastorate of an established church in Klerksdorp, North West Province, South Africa.

After 3 successful years, God kept on reminding me of the vision, explaining in detail, way back then, where we are at present, and what we are doing now.

Annalise van Rensburg

Annalise is a dynamic minister of the Word. Her fresh and practical perspective captivates the hearts and minds of her audience.

She is currently travelling internationally proclaiming the Good News to the masses.

I grew up in the home of one of South Africa’s famous artists, my father, Adriaan Boshoff.

As a little girl I was confronted with the fact that eternity waits for every human being, especially when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. Every night I dreamt of eternity without God and tried to get help, but to no avail.

Eventually, after my father was miraculously healed after prayer, I truly found God.

The desire for God led me to a Pentecostal Bible School, were I met my husband, Kobus van Rensburg.

Kobus, ever obedient to the Lord’s prompting, travelled to America in 1980 where Lester Sumrall, one of his role models, prayed over me on a tape, prophesying that we would have three sons.

In due time Kosie (James), Johan (John) and Petrus (Peter) were born, and they grew up in and into the ministry, mentored and trained in the ways of God through that special relationship Kobus had with our sons.

On 21st December, 2013, after 34 years in ministry, my husband, prophet Kobus, went to be with the Lord he had served so faithfully, and stayed with Him, leaving us, his family, to step into the legacy that God, through Kobus, had prepared for us.

Our Team