Prophet Kobus Senior I Perfect Peace Series – CD/DVD



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Prophet Kobus Snr was passionate about reading and preaching the Word of God, and his gift of teaching brought forth 1000’s of sermons which are continuing to bring enlightenment to the body of Christ today.

From Genesis to the book of Revelation, he taught straight from the Bible by connecting scripture with scripture, and this painted a fuller picture of God’s thoughts for man. The Lord Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly.

Perfect Peace.

  • Cast Your Cares on God
  • Cares or Peace
  • Peace and Power
  • Joy in His Presence
  • No Worries Part 1
  • No Worries Part 2
  • Subject of Peace
  • Kings with Peace
  • Keep your Peace Part 1&2
  • Keep your Peace and Speak the Word