Life | (eBook)


You can actually live and never die?

Civilization finds itself at a moment in history where age-reversal and youth-renewal have become a general theme in drug stores, health shops and magazines. The quest to live longer, stronger and… well… live and live, and just never die. While the topic is worldwide attention, the question arise: “Can the Bible underscore this idea?”

Kobus will take you through the Word of God, explaining that God actually wants a man to live forever, and Jesus Christ came into this world to bring man eternal life through His death and resurrection.

Why then do we not have any of people who have never died, and are still alive? Well, the Bible is also a prophetic book that puts events in their specific time places. The timing is prophetically right for a man to get on his quest for everlasting life, right here on earth. Find the rest as you read this book.

*Please take note that this is an eBook that you can download immediately after purchase and it is not a physical book.